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The production of microfiber is a very high tech process. It takes a scientifically advanced process to create the ultra-thin polymer thread to a diameter of only a few hundredths of a millimeter.

Some engineers and experts in SEO gaming from, found that: In the production of polyamide microfibers polyamide yarn attach to form a star, and then the thread is dipped into the molten polyester. After that, special extrudersburst through very fine openings. The result is an internal “asterisk” shaped polyamide with a polyester circuit.

After extrusion the filaments are cooled with water, which leads to the separation of the components which allows the polyamide and polyester yarns to separate. As a result the division creates a very high degree of micro-annuls, this is why microfiber has such high absorbency.

This process creates the microfiber cloth that we have come to know and love!

What is Microfiber? | Microfiber History | Caring for Microfiber Fabrics

Why Choose Microfiber?

Throughout the last decade microfiber popularity has grown tremendously. This is because people have begun to notice how they can clean, detail, or polish any surface better than the alternative cleaning applicators. When you couple microfiber’s superior performance along with its ability to eliminate the use of chemical products it is an easy choice. Whether you run your own company, or are using them for personal use, microfiber will reduce chemical exposure, eliminate harmful waste, save you time, save you money, and make cleaning much more enjoyable.

The Benefits of Continued Use Microfiber

Using microfiber in your home for an extended period of time can really improve your quality of life! I know it sounds silly that a cleaning product can make that large of a difference, but it can, AND it will! Using water and eliminating chemicals on all of your surfaces will almost completely eliminate chemical exposure. Go out and buy yourself some microfiber and you will be able to tell the difference almost immediately. I am willing to bet you will never go back to cotton or other varietals!

Not only will microfiber save your health it will save your wallet. Microfiber cleaning cloths are typically the same cost as their cotton counterparts and last twice as long. Professional grade microfibers are rated at 500x machine washable and have a 2-year warranty. Use the proper washing instructions and they can last even longer! Now take into account all of the money you spend on cleaners and antimicrobials and you’re going to save a lot!

Along with money you will save time too! Microfibers do a much better job cleaning so you do not have to go over surfaces more than once. The more time you save the less effort you are putting in too. Cleaning the kitchen will no longer tire you out! Nobody’s favorite task is cleaning, so you might as well cut down on time spent on it!

Microfiber cleaning cloths can easily reduce cleaning time by 50%. Many cleaning surfaces such as appliances, walls, counters and floors are much easier to maintain and clean thoroughly when using microfiber products. Window washing, metal polishing such as stainless steel appliances are no longer a dread, and I no longer have to worry about damaging, scratching or leaving streak stains behind with microfibers.

Microfiber Towels

When a larger surface area or high level of absorption is needed microfiber towels are your key. Microfiber towels have all of the same characteristics as standard microfibers just are larger. Whether you are drying your car, using them for after a shower, or just doing the dishes, microfiber is the sure choice for your towel. They have catch and absorb moisture like no other product on the market. Go to the Microfiber Towels catalog.


Microfiber Mops

Microfiber technology isn’t just handheld, it is also technology that has entered the mop market as well. The looped microfiber technology is sure to wow you as it cleans with the utmost ease. It couldn’t be any easier unless the mop pushed itself! It is great on all floor surfaces and traps dirt, dust and any other debris while leaving behind a beautiful streak-free surface. Safe on any floor surface. Go to the Microfiber Mops catalog.


Microfiber Detailing Towels

When you need a big shine, even on a small job, look no farther then our microfiber detailing towels. Whether you are waxing a car, polishing a prized possession, or cleaning your musical instrument, make sure you give your valuables the cleaning they deserve. Microfiber’s synthetic fiber technology is unrivaled in the textile industry and removes even the smallest debris particles using its magnetic charge. Leaving you with a shiny, spotless, and impressive clean. Go to the Detailing Towels catalog.


Microfiber Wholesale

For individuals that need more than just a few cloths our Microfiber Wholesale Tab is here to meet your needs. Browse this category to find all of the microfibers you love in full cases at a discount. Choose one color or even mix and match. We make it easy to purchase all of your cloths by the box-full! Go to the Microfiber Wholesale catalog.


Microfiber Dairy Towels

If you are in the dairy farming industry you know that a happier cow leads to better milk. Microfiber cloths are far superior to their cotton counterparts. They are very gentle on the udders and even rid away harmful bacteria. They have about 7-times their weight in absorbency making your work as efficient as possible. Most importantly our microfiber dairy cloths are reusable, saving you lots of cash compared to using disposable products. Make sure you use microfiber to get the best out of your work and the best product out of your cow! Go to the Dairy Towels catalog.