Microfiber Customer Reviews

To say this company has the best customer service EVER doesn't even cover it!! My order was lost in the mail (no blame of this company) and the communication was top notch. Before I could even ask they took the initiative and mailed a replacement. Every step in the process has been perfection. Wish they could give lessons to all of my other vendors I deal with!!
I would totally be lost without MaximMart! The customer service really is top notch! These guys are there for you no matter what day it is - even Christmas Eve! You don't get that from just anywhere! You KNOW they care when you have someone that is there for support even when you are not expecting an answer right away.
2020 has been an INSANE year and our business truly wouldn't have been the same as it was without MaximMart! Even when the towels that we purchase were out of stock, the sales team was beyond helpful and suggested a different product, which then also helped keep our sales going! It was something I never would have THOUGHT would work, but it did and I truly owe a lot to these guys!
We truly appreciate all of their hard work and the quick turn around on our orders. We never have to worry about anything we place and order this company and that is a huge compliment nowadays!
From our family to yours: THANK YOU, MaximMart!
I purchase microfiber towels from several different sources for my detailing supply company and for years I have bought a few specific towels from MaximMart.com because my customers say that their towels are the best. Their delivery is fast and free if purchasing $89 or more and their sales team is good about reaching out to me every so often to see if I need anything. I definitely recommend these guys.
These are the best towels out there. Nice GSM (thickness). MaximMart has an assortment of towels and prices that fit everyone's needs. They ship fast, and have great customer service. Their Glass Towels work great for any kind of glass, and the all purpose towels will clean anything. We have show cars and these towels leave the cars spotless. We also use these towels in our home, from the Bathroom to the Kitchen. No jobs to small. MaximMarts Microfiber Towels can't be beat on their quality and the price. Thanks for always being so thoughtful.
Thank you, guys! You have nice product!!!
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