Microfiber Variations

Microfiber Variations

With various industries having different needs and uses for microfiber, it has promoted several different microfiber variations.

Microfiber Cleaning Cloths / Detail Cloth: This cloth would be defined as the “standard microfiber”. All microfibers are rated with a GSM (grams per square meter) rating. The economy grade cloth is typically a 200-250 GSM rating, and the professional grade quality is 300 GSM and above. These towels are most typically used in the cleaning, auto, and dairy farming industries, and come in a variety of sizes to fit specific needs. Interested dairy farming parties can read the benefits of microfiber to disposable products at the end of this brochure.

Microfiber Suede Cloth: The microfiber suede cloth is most typically used in the electronic, furniture, and auto detail industries. The blend of microfiber and suede is a perfect mix to remove small excess moisture from a polished surface, excellent for wooden accents, LCD screens, or automobile dashboards.

Microfiber Glass Cloth: Although a standard microfiber towel has a large list of practical uses, typically it does not perform its best on windows. A microfiber glass cloth was created to reduce streaking and not leave any residue behind. The microfiber glass cloth is most popular in the auto detail, cleaning, and electronic industries.

Microfiber Scrub Cloth: A fairly new innovation is the microfiber scrub cloth. This cloth is made of a combination of microfiber material and tiny scouring fibers. This product makes cleaning dried stains and residue a breeze. The microfiber and the scouring fibers work as one to lift and remove tough stains and debris. This cloth is most commonly used in the restaurant, cleaning, and auto detail industries.

Microfiber Salon Towel: A microfiber “salon” towel typically has a 400GSM rating or above. It is an extremely plush and high density towel. The salon towel typically has the highest water absorption ability, and can hold up to 25 times its weight in water. As the name implies it is very often used in salons for drying hair, however, the salon towel is used in gyms and the auto detail industries too. The salon towel is used by auto detailers who work on antique or high priced cars as well.

Microfiber Mops: Typically microfiber mops come in two different forms, the flat head mop and the dust mop. The dust mop is best used for collecting small dust particles and debris out of hallways or large areas. The microfiber flat head mops have the ability to move dust and debris, as well as get wet to remove tough to get stains or marks out of hard wood or tile flooring. The mops are most typically used in the janitorial, cleaning, and warehouse industries.

There is always a microfiber to fit your needs!