Extensive Wholesale

Wholesale Orders & Inquires

MaximMart Textile Products has the ability to fill the largest of orders. If you have a large order or fulfillment need please let us know. We are more than happy to negotiate all facets of the order. This includes but is not limited to price. 

To qualify for larger wholesale discounting (other than what is listed on our "Microfiber Wholesale" tab) you must be purchasing more than five cases or over $500 at a time to receive any additional discounting consideration. To receive our largest wholesale discounts you must order in a freight capacity. This is 151+ lbs of any cloth. We save money on the shipment, so we reflect it in your pricing!

All wholesale orders are different, and the criterion for determining your discount depends on the following:

  • Quantity
  • Availability
  • Frequency
  • Location (Where the packages will be shipped)
  • Payment terms

Other factors may also apply. If you need an order that will be continuous, and we would be carrying product in our warehouse just for you, we may require a signed contract.

Below is what we consider our standard discounting, discounting that can be given on any wholesale product. This discounting applies only to the 48 Continental United States. Please note this discounting is not guaranteed, but is almost always achievable.

  • 5-9 cases, 5% discount
  • 10-19 cases, 10% discount
  • 20+ cases, please contact us

If you are using the website to place an order, below are promo codes along with conditions. If for any reason these promo codes do not work please contact us directly to place your order.

  • Promo Code for 5% off any order $500.00+ “BULK05
  • Promo Code for 10% off any order $1000.00+ “BULK10
  • Promo Code of 15% off any order $1500.00+ "BULK15"

The above promo codes only apply to our microfiber products and not the cotton. If you would like to be quote on a larger cotton order please call us at 847-847-1318. 

These discounts would be off of your total order price, and would still include our UPS Ground free shipping! We reserve the right to invalidate the promo codes for any reason.

We have the ability to fulfill orders as large as 40 foot containers (several if needed). Please do not hesitate to contact our Sales Manager to discuss quotes, wholesale orders, and pricing. His contact information is below.

Daniel Roeder
Sales/Operational Manager
847-847-1318 ext. 2
[email protected]