16”x16” Heavy Cloth, Microfiber, Long-Pile, Premium 400GSM

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16”x16” Heavy Cloth, Microfiber, Long-Pile, Premium 400GSM

  • 16”x16” (inches)
  • Long Pile
  • 80% Polyester, 20% Polyamide
  • 400GSM (Premium Grade)
  • 500x Washable
  • 24 Cloths Per Package
  • Cloth Weight: 70 Grams
  • Our heavy cloth is our most plush and premium microfiber that we offer! It weighs a whopping 70 grams! The heavy cloth has one side of standard pile (length of microfiber follicles) and one side with double the length of pile. This makes for an excellent cloth in the auto, medical, and cleaning industries, however, has many other daily functions for any other industry. The extra pile length makes it more absorbent, softer, and much plusher than any microfiber we offer!
  • Extremely Absorbent
  • Very Thick
  • Great for Waxing!
  • Great for Dusting! 

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cant complain at all for the price
Wish both sides were fluffy
Use these to wipe down my Mercedes after a wash. Great at soaking up water and the flatter side works wonders on the interior. I ordered two packs in different colors and they have lasted me about 2 years now. I've still got a couple left but I'm back to purchase more!!
Great for dusting lots pick up
I've been using the black heavy cloth for the past couple of years and I am impressed. Usually don't leave reviews regardless of where I shop but for a company that's relatively unheard of I have to.

These are awesome. One side is similar to that of the standard 300gsm 16x16, and the other is a super fluffy and soft side. I have applied ceramic coats to a plethora of cars now and no complaimts from my customers. The guys at the shop have even taken these and the edgeless ones we buy home.
I use these towels for Auto Detailing. I use them when I'm preforming a paint correction or ceramic coating. When my towels arrive I store them in zip lock bags. I've used these towels unwashed on a freshly polished black car. I didn't have any marring of the paint at all. These towels are freaking awesome and the price is bananas.
These 16" by 16" Microfiber Towels are the BEST towels that we buy. I not only sell these towels and never have a return, but I also use them. I literally use them over and over with NO problems. The many different colors will match if you're color coordinated. The lowest price you will find, plus great sales personal to work with. My wife and I just want to say, thank you MaximMart for your great products.
These are very good cloths and the price is good as well. I did find out the hard way though you should wash them first before using them for the first time or they will just push your cleaner around. If you use light colors for the body of a vehicle like I do, you can either presoak before washing or if they are really bad then trash them and buy new ones. At the price for 24 it's not a big cost.
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