New 16x16 Black Car Wash Towels

by Manager MaximMart
black 16x16 car wash towel

Long ago, in a galaxy far far away...


The Car Wash Industry was booming. All across the United States car washes began to provide towels to their customers, most of whom took them for granted or simply just took them. The microfiber industry attempted to catch up. Ample distributors tried to cheese their way through, offering cheap cloths are low prices just to reel in car wash companies to ordering bulk from them. Car washes seek the best products for their clients, yet few microfiber distributor seek out the best for their clients.


Many have caught on, since their 16x16 Pro cloths that were supposed to be 300GSM weighed just 40 grams. Or when sold an economy cloth weighing under 30 grams, their clients complained the rags were thinner than the ones at the wash across the street. The car wash industry was plagued with mutual frienships and secretive deals between companies that provided a worse product for a higher cost. That is where we step in.

All of this will change when the historic MaximMart company introduced their Car Wash Specific microfiber towels! These 16x16 Black cloths look and feel almost like our Professionals at a cost lower than our economy. Car Wash managers will be shocked; a ruse, a trick, no way this company has the gall to play this way! But yes we do.


MaximMart takes pride in providing a product that's the same that you have, at an affordable and better price for you. The only catch for these towels we have is the minimum order quantity. However, for the typical car wash that runs through hundreds of these towels a week, this will not be an issue. We are expecting these cloths to start arriving sometime next month. Request to be put on the waitlist for samples today!




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